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Why Google Calendar Owns My Life

To start off, this post is really not all that surprising to most of you I’m sure and that’s because you use this app too. Case in point. Most people who know me would use the descriptor “spontaneous” if they were asked to describe me, but the issue is that there is a whole lot about life that you can’t just be spontaneous about. Google Calendar has revolutionized my life as a place where I can dump every promise I’ve made so I can follow through.

Google Calendar captures the hearts of so many of us because it turns time commitments into visually separate objects that can be dragged around in relation to each other or overlapped and optimizes time spent scheduling with it’s reoccurring option per event. The ability to color code is actually a very effective solution for communicating the interdependencies of certain events and can even help users understand how they are using their time and adjust for their priorities.

Sure, it’s good, but what makes it great?

What makes this app better than other scheduling apps out there is it’s capability to import other calendars or pull information from your google account. Friend’s calendars, booked flights, TeamUp Data, and reminders among other data sources can all be integrated into Google Calendar as a one stop shop for scheduling.

The reason users start to rely on Google Calendars is because it functions as more that a scheduling tool, as it has fields appropriately located under each event for all the details, and links you could possibly need for that task. It not only makes your day pretty and understandable, but it stores all the content for you too.

As someone who usually can’t empathize with the joy of scheduling, this app has brought me much needed stability and…dare I say it.. joy.



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